The P4 Method. Survive the storm.

When difficulties arise.

When difficulties arise.

There are times where it seems as though the  “%$#& has hit the fan”. It seems as though, whatever can go wrong has. You feel like if one more thing happens, you’ll just LOOSE IT!

Life happens. Every day can’t and WON’T be a sunny, walk in the park kinda day. People will disappoint you… People will annoy you… The car will break down… A bad medical report can come… Finances can get off whack… Relationships can fail… And uncertainty can arise.

I’ll admit, I’ve been here a time or two; ok, maybe sixteen or fifty seven. Shrugs.

Events like these are called, “storms of life” because they effect your life in such manner. They come out of nowhere. They change the ‘climate’ of your current existence. You don’t know how long it will last. And you don’t know it’s lasting or residual effects. Storms often cause “turmoil”.

So, how do we deal in the midst of extreme disorder and/or confusion? I’m glad you asked that question. We deal by using the “P4 Method”.

Pause. Ponder. Pray. then Proceed.

1. PAUSE- Stop! Take a moment to collect your thoughts so you will not be emotionally driven. Anger, confusion, sadness, fear, and panic can cause you to “write a check” that you can’t cash.

2. PONDER- Think. Think and consider all thats on the table. Think about how your next move can either help or hurt your already uncomfortable situation.

3. PRAY- You are not in it alone. GOD loves you and wants to guide and help you. Seek wisdom. Acknowledge HIM, and HE will direct your paths. Don’t lean on your own understanding. (Sometimes our own understanding got us in these storms.)

4.PROCEED- Once you have done the above “three p’s”, Go forward. Don’t allow this turmoil, this storm, to stagnate or paralyze you. Don’t let it set you so far back that it gets you off your path. You are not alone. Remember GOD loves you and wants you to succeed. Sometimes, storms come because we get on the “wrong path” and GOD will allow storms in order to regain our focus. Sometimes storms come because you’re on the “right path” and the enemy wants to distract or discourage you so he’ll try to frustrate and overtake you with drama.  Just know when you take the time to PAUSE, PONDER, and PRAY… you will then be equipped to PROCEED. The Bible says, If you acknowledge GOD in “all” your ways, HE’ll direct your paths.

I hope this helps.

Nea Houston



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  1. Angel Reply

    I really needed that! I am going to write the P4 method on my mirror as a daily reminder. Thank you! Be blessed always!

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