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We offer Real Solutions to Real Problems.
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Empowerment Calls

Our calls exist to talk about, pray about, teach about and sometimes even prophesy about what the LORD is directing. These calls are tools to help you walk successfully in your marriage and is also a tool to assist singles on their journey to an expected end. Call into: 712-432-0390 Access Code 442017# @7AM EST every Wednesday. It's 20 minutes of time well spent.

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The momentum is going.... You don't want to miss it!! Stay tuned by visiting this site regularly. GOD is progressive. As HE gives us direction, we offer you tools to help you grow and be a better you!

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We love to empower women. have your friends and coworkers connect to a safe and positive place.

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Encouragement. Strengthening. Sharpening. Discussion. Transmission. Interpretation. Elevation.
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The P4 Method. Survive the storm.

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